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IVERMECTIN is an FDA-­approved anti­‐parasitic drug in the US as well as in the Philippines. Repurposing its use for the treatment of COVID-­19 does not alter its safety profile and is proper as a matter of contingency considering that the dosage is the same. Modification is inherent upon the rightful judgment of the physician as they see fit according to individual needs of their patients.

Does taking IVERMECTIN have side effects?

Just like any other approved drugs, IVERMECTIN also exhibits certain side effects and drug interactions,

although these are very rare. But just like any other drugs, overdosing can be dangerous. This drug however

is categorized as ‘very safe’ when taken according to recommended dosages. 

Can children take IVERMECTIN?

Children 15 kilograms and above can.

However, you need to apportion contents of the capsule to the weight of the child.

(ex. for a 25 kilogram child, divide the contents into 2 since one capsule is ideally for a 50 kilogram person.)

What is IVERMECTIN's dosage?

Take 1 capsule of IVERMECTIN (15mg.) every 3 weeks for prevention.

If you have already developed COVID-19 symptoms, take 1 capsule of IVERMECTIN (15mg.)

every 3 days until you are symptom-free but maximum of 3 weeks. It will also help to take high

dose of Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate) – 3,000 mg. to 6,000 mg. every day in 3 divided dosages.

Click HERE for more info on IVERMECTIN's dosage.

What are the medicines I can not take with IVERMECTIN?

For the list of drug interactions, click HERE For more info:  [email protected]

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